Key West Engagement Session | Katerina & John Michael

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There’s something about going to a different destination to shoot that makes my heart warm and my brain jiggle with creativity. When I met Kat and her family they all suggested we’d go back to Key West where she and … Continue reading

Tips and Tricks: For my brides

In order for your wedding day to run smoothly there are plenty of things that should be taken care of well in advance; but due to the nature of the day and how stressful things can become, we always try to help out our couples in remembering certain details that will make it easier for them to relax on their special day.

– We recommend always having a timeline ready at least a week before the wedding. This timeline should be e-mailed out to all your vendors especially to your photographers so that we know where you will be and at what time to photograph you and the details.

– We recommend having one of the bridesmaids or the maid of honor be responsible for where all the details are during the prepping shots. This bridesmaid should also be the one to gather all the items and take them to the ceremony site.

– In order to have an amazing backdrop during the bride’s prepping shots we recommend getting a nice bridal suite close to the ceremony site. This will ensure that all your bridesmaids will be with you and make it more fun for you and your bridal party while you’re getting dressed. It will also ease the stress and anxiety before you walk down the aisle.

– Having your flowers delivered to where you’re getting ready is also one of the things you should consider so that when you’re fully dressed and looking beautiful we can take advantage of some free time and take some of the bridal portraits. Therefore, your bouquet should be where you are.

– We always recommend our Brides and Grooms to get their bouquet and garter toss done right after the cake cutting and before the dancing begins. This should all be done right after dinner. This will allow those guests that have children leave when they need to, or the older crowd that goes to bed early leave right after the cake cutting.

– One of the best advice I can give my brides is to have an emergency kit ready with them. This will include clear nail polish, mints, a sewing kit, stain treater, visine, safety pins, bobby pins, pain relievers, deodorant, and baby powder. That baby powder is the best thing when you’re wearing a mermaid style gown and getting married outdoors.

– If you’re getting married outdoors always make sure to have a “rain plan” ready with your coordinator.

And finally… always remember that no matter how much you plan and how much you try to control things… Something will probably go wrong, take it slowly, accept it, and just enjoy yourself the most you can. Your wedding day will come and go very quickly and what matters is the commitment you’re making to each other in front of your family and friends everything else is just superficial.

Miami Beach Resort & Spa | Annie & Carlos Wedding

Ever meet someone and feel like you’ve known them for years? Like you could possibly become best friends? The minute I met Annie & Carlos at a Bridal show I participated in last year we clicked. Carlos has a great sense of humor and loves Annie more words could ever explain. Annie on the other hand is a laid back, loving girl, full of grace and a good heart. I met them and I immediately fell in love with them. A couple of weeks later we sat down at the studio and we were both sold! I was sold on them because I knew almost immediately that I wanted to tell their story through photographs and they were sold on me because I listened.

I will always be so grateful for both of them – because to me they didn’t become just my clients they became friends! I mean, they even moved all the way from North Miami Beach to my area cause they didn’t want to stay away from me after their wedding! lol 😉

Here’s a sneak peek of their gorgeous wedding this weekend at Miami Beach Resort & Spa.

Dadeland Marriott | Becca and Matt Wedding

Here’s a glimpse of Becca and Matt’s wedding in December at Silver Palm United Methodist Church in the Redlands followed by a beautiful reception at the Dadeland Marriott.

Tips and Tricks on a Sunday: My “Bling Ring Kit

Glitter Wedding Ring Shots

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Redland Koi Gardens Wedding | Joseph and Camila

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I am so lucky to have the most amazing and supportive friends in the world. Many photographers will tell you that they don’t like photographing their friend’s weddings because they want to enjoy it or because they feel like they … Continue reading

Wedding Wednesdays: Guests and their Cell Phones

Many of us [photographers] go on our blogs and vent, a lot, but sometimes we need to do it so our Brides and Grooms will understand that we’re not just pointing and shooting at your weddings and that there’s certain … Continue reading