Rock the Dress Promo Video

Rock the Dress Shoot Miami Wedding Photographer

A couple of months ago we got together at a friend’s barn in The Redlands to do a Rock the Dress shoot. My amazing friend Danny Roy put together a promo video for me and once again blew me away. … Continue reading

Gina’s Rock the Dress | Private Barn in Miami

Gina and I had planned to do her Trash the Dress session earlier this year. Her original plan was to get in the water with her dress but we decided to switch it up today. We went to my friend’s barn out in the Redlands and decided to call it “Rock the Dress”. I wanted to go for a rustic country feel and wanted to experiment with my strobe lights and get some new lighting techniques. I am in love with her pictures. Her session definitely brought back the passion and devotion I had been lacking for a couple of weeks now and I am ready to take my pictures to a whole ‘nother level with on location lighting. Here are some of my favorite shots from her shoot. I also used the sunflower bouquet I made the other day and I loved the way it came out!

P.S. For any of those brides out there that have had their wedding dresses stored away and have never or will never use them again, look into getting some shots done like this, with or without your husband! It’s a lot of fun and if you’re willing to get in the water or the mud, I’m all up for it!

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