Choosing a Wedding Album

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Choosing a wedding photographer is already overwhelming, some are way not in your price range while others just aren’t your style, but choosing your photo album should be  just as important as choosing your photographer. Our mission as your photographers, … Continue reading

Wedding Wednesdays: 5 Things I can’t live without!

As a wedding photographer I constantly find myself having to research what’s new, what’s needed, and what’s not! I’m always trying to find things that will make carrying my gear around easier and more convenient for me. I’m 5’1″ and weigh about 102 lbs. so carrying around so much gear can definitely put a strain on my body. Sometimes I find myself rolling out of bed the day after a wedding so of course I’ve already invested in things that make my life easier and things that are necessary as a wedding photographer.

These are my top 5 things I can’t live without as a wedding photographer and don’t know how I managed to work without them before…

#1: Shootsac

I love my Shootsac! I don’t carry two camera bodies on my small body. I’m way too small for that and the weight would kill me the next day. So I’ve learned to become a quick-lens-changer, I can get a new lens on my camera body faster than a bride can make it down the aisle. But my Shootsac lets me carry all my most important lenses on me and I have felt as if it distributes the weight quite perfectly. I also carry around some first aid stuff for my bride and even a small bottle of something for anyone whose nerves need a little bit of relaxing… usually the groom lol. The shootsac is from and runs for about $180 plus shipping.

Wedding Photographer Essentials

Wedding Photographer Essentials #1

I also attach my next new favorite thing onto my Shootsac…

#2: Walkie Talkies and Secret Service Earpieces

I just got these recently and I’ve used them at just one wedding, but it made such an amazing difference, that I really don’t know how I ever photographed weddings without these before! I used these with my assistant photographer, so as the bride and bridal party are lining up to make their entrance my assistant photographer is with them letting me know when they’re getting ready to walk down the aisle, it also lets us communicate during a church ceremony when one of us is in the way of the other while taking pictures. I got these on for about $70 with shipping but they were worth every penny. Like I mentioned before, I clip these onto my shootsac, slip the earpiece into my ear, and voila we’re ready to shoot a wedding.

Wedding Photographer Essentials #2

Wedding Photographer Essentials #2

#3: Pelican Case Memory Card Holder

I love this Memory Card Holder, I was on the lookout for a card holder for quite a while but kept coming across the velcro ones and wasn’t too fond of them. I switch my memory cards a lot during weddings (I will explain this in another post maybe later on) so the last thing I want to do in the middle of a ceremony is having the velcro disrupt the ceremony when I’m ripping it apart. The Pelican Case one is a hard shell case with foam inside of it and fits 12 SD Cards and a couple of Micro SD cards. I use Nikon so I use SD cards but I know they carry these for Canon CF Cards as well. I love that it has a clip to close it so there’s no magnets involved as well as velcro. I slip this in my Shootsac as well and switch memory cards when I need to. I also purchased this through and the model is the 0915 that replaced the 0910.

Wedding Photography Essentials #3

Wedding Photographer Essentials #3

#4: Wrist Strap

I recently purchased a Wrist Strap for my Nikon d600 and I’m loving it. The day after a wedding my hand usually feels like it’s on fire from carrying around the weight of the camera all day and even though I use a neck strap the weight is a killer on your wrist. So this little piece of invention is great to help you hold on to the camera and feel as if the weight is being distributed a little more evenly throughout your hands it also doesn’t get in the way of your fingers and the buttons. I also got it through amazon but can’t remember how much I purchased it for. I do know they have plenty to choose from and all styles and prices.

Wedding Photographer Essential #4

Wedding Photographer Essential #4

and finally…

#5: Pelican Case 1510

I had been after a Lowepro roller for quite a while but after talking to one of my friends, he suggested instead of getting a Lowepro I should get a Pelican Case for my camera and equipment. Reason being that the Pelican Case is made just like the Memory Card Holder, it’s got a sturdy shell, and is waterproof, crush-proof and dust resistant unlike the Lowepro. It also has wheels, which let’s face it, it’s just what I needed since I don’t want to carry that much weight around. So after much research I decided to go for one and purchase it through again because they have the best deals and sometimes they’ll ship your stuff for free. The Pelican Case has foam that you can pick and pluck to make sure your equipment fits nice and tight so that it won’t move all over the place. These usually run for about $280 and I managed to buy one for $150 plus free shipping brand new.

Wedding Photographer Essentials #5

Wedding Photographer Essentials #5

So there you have it those are the 5 Essential Items I believe every wedding photographer should invest in to make your life much simpler!

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Wooden USB | New 2013 Products – South Florida Photographer

The other product I am so thrilled to introduce to all my clients especially my brides and grooms are our new wooden USB’s! They are perfect to carry around all your wedding photos! But to all my regular session clients, don’t worry, these will also be available to you guys; for a small additional fee you may upgrade from receiving a CD to receiving a USB with your session.

The reason as to why I am shifting to USB is because with new technology, some computers no longer have CD drives. I was also constantly receiving e-mails from Brides who scratched, misplaced, or broke their CDs. It’s also a great method for our studio to help the environment and do their part in going green! These babies come in two different sizes 8gb and 16gb making it easier for me to fit all your wedding photographs in ONE little device instead of different CDs!

I know you guys are just as excited as I am about this product!

Custom USB with Box Andrea Arostegui Photography

Custom Engagement Guestbook

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