Babak & Daniella | Beach Engagement

Beach Engagement Session Miami Wedding Photographer

All my client’s personalities are different, including my friends! Many of them are fun and quirky and don’t like the constant public display of affection, let alone getting photographed while this is going on. Babak and Daniella are getting married … Continue reading

Key West Engagement Session | Katerina & John Michael

key west sunset key cottages

There’s something about going to a different destination to shoot that makes my heart warm and my brain jiggle with creativity. When I met Kat and her family they all suggested we’d go back to Key West where she and … Continue reading

Tuesday Tips & Tricks: Engagement Shoots and Client’s Personalities

I am a true believer that an engagement session is one of the most important things a Bride and Groom can look forward to from their wedding photographer. But in order to have a successful engagement session a photographer should listen to what their client’s needs and wants are.

Most photographers will tell you that an engagement shoot is a way for them to establish a relationship with their clients before their wedding, but I think the relationship should be established well before the engagement session.

A connection should be formed the minute the client calls you or e-mails you to inquire about your wedding collections, if there is no connection then there will probably be no relationship when you photograph their engagement session and it will truly show in the photographs.

For instance, Lyndsey, in the photo below is my boyfriend’s really good friend’s sister. I had met her once before she inquired about my wedding collections and booked me to do her wedding, but when I met with her, I made sure to listen and get to know her and her fiance, and I noticed she’s a giggler right off the bat. Well when it came time to do her engagement session she was a little more comfortable with me but she giggled non-stop, it’s part of her personality, and it  shows in her photos. Of course, it may be a little easier cause she’s more familiar with me but you can achieve this with even a random client.

Matheson Hammocks Engagement

Natalie and Ken, on the other hand, I had never met before. But as soon as I met them we clicked! Natalie has that bubbly personality, where when she laughs you can’t help but laugh with her, and Ken (or Kenny as I like to call him…lol) is quite the opposite, he’s the shy and quiet type of guy that gets embarrassed so easily! But you can totally see it in their photos. Natalie (below) was cracking up because of an incident that took place while I was shooting them and Ken immediately tensed up and got embarrassed.

Greynolds Park Engagement ShootMeanwhile Jesus and Erica, were the type of couple that didn’t like to be the center of attention, they also wanted their shoot to be different and not the typical “corny” engagement session because it’s not who they are. Jesus has a funny sense of humor and is a bit of a clown and Erica is just an easy going, nonchalant type of girl. Matching their engagement session’s location to their personality was so easy when we decided to do it at the Fair because it was going to allow them to let loose and be themselves.

Youth Fair Engagement Session

This is why I really believe getting to know your client’s personalities before their actual engagement session will make for an even better shoot and an even better time during their wedding. It will help set up the location for the shoot, their outfits, and even the poses you may want to do with them or the spontaneity of the shoot.

You want to spend how much on your dress and shoes?

stone walls at the cooper estate

This isn’t a blog post to complain or vent, it’s merely a post to educate. It is not to offend or to make anyone mad. Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion but we feel as if people are not valuing … Continue reading

Zach and Jody – you guys have inspired me

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Today was probably one of the most difficult days I’ve gone through since I started up my photography business. Stats say about 80% of small businesses fail within the first five years. I’ve passed half of that time limit, but … Continue reading

Dayana & Harris | Engagement Session – Miami Wedding Photographer

Dayana and Harris are planning a winter wedding for 2014 and contacted me to do their wedding photography as well as their engagement session before moving to Virginia. Harris joined the Coast Guard therefore, they needed to move out there and she needed to get her photos done ASAP. We did their shoot at Matheson Hammocks Park, which is definitely my favorite park to shoot at. It makes me feel like I’m not in Miami sometimes.

Bill Baggs State Park | Corey & Naylin Engagement

Corey and Naylin get married in October. Corey’s been really good friends with my boyfriend Phil, for quite some time and I had the pleasure of meeting Corey at his engagement session. Naylin, on the other hand, I had the pleasure of meeting a couple of weeks before their engagement session when we met at the studio to plan out their session and let me tell you, she is the sweetest girl ever! I loved their engagement photos!

Vizcaya Museum and Gardens Engagement Session | Diana & Alex

Diana and Alex met at the first wedding I ever photographed on my own last year and from the story they told me, they didn’t hit it right off the bat, in fact she actually couldn’t really stand him. But when God has someone planned for you, things happen in mysterious ways, in ways you can’t even explain them yourself, and that’s exactly how Diana and Alex feel now. They got engaged a couple of months ago, but knew they didn’t want to wait very long to get married, therefore their wedding takes place at the end of this month, while both of their families are visiting from out of town. We went out to Vizcaya for their engagement shoot and I fell in love with their images! Here’s a couple of the shots:

Custom Engagement Guestbook

One of the products I am now including in one of my wedding packages, which seem to be a huge hit amongst bride and grooms are the custom Engagement Guestbooks. When our couple chooses to have an Engagement Session along … Continue reading