You want to spend how much on your dress and shoes?

stone walls at the cooper estate

This isn’t a blog post to complain or vent, it’s merely a post to educate. It is not to offend or to make anyone mad. Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion but we feel as if people are not valuing … Continue reading

Rock the Dress Promo Video

Rock the Dress Shoot Miami Wedding Photographer

A couple of months ago we got together at a friend’s barn in The Redlands to do a Rock the Dress shoot. My amazing friend Danny Roy put together a promo video for me and once again blew me away.

Nicole & Brad | Backyard Wedding Miami, Florida

The Salvage Snob Vintage Rental Company

Let me tell you guys, as a photographer when I meet a bride I don’t sit there and interview them as a prospective client but I sit there and listen to them like a friend would listen to a newly … Continue reading