Motivational Mondays: Sacrifices and Ambition

Many of you know I am on vacation in Nicaragua. I came unexpectedly for two reasons: to visit family and to see what the market is like out here for destination weddings. But sometimes we make plans that God ends up laughing at. I got sick with strep throat and had to stop what I was doing to stay home (with my grandma, aunt, and her family) and it was a major eye opener.

Living in a third world country is not easy for many. The opportunities are not around the way that we have them in the states. Yet there are so many of us that still complain on how bad we have it. It’s not until you get out and visit one of these countries that you realize how great you really have it.

I have cousins that have majored as engineers, architects, dentists, doctors, or finance majors and barely make $300 a month, yet we complain that we don’t have the latest trends. I have family members that ride the public bus every where they go with no a/c, yet we complain because our car isn’t a Mercedes or BMW. But one thing I know for sure is that I am so grateful to have the father I have.

My dad left the country when he was 20 years old. In search of better opportunities and because at the time Nicaragua was going through a war that he didn’t believe in and didn’t want to fight for. He moved to Honduras for 5 years and then to Miami. In Miami he worked at a Burger King to provide for my mom and me but not once did he regret leaving his country, he kept promising himself and my mom that he would one day become a computer programmer and he did.

That hunger and ambition was his drive. He had to make sacrifices and leave his country, language, parents, sisters, and family at a very young age to become what he wanted to become because he didn’t want to live a mediocre life. And that’s one of the things he has taught me. He’s always pushed me to find the one thing I love and never give up, to push it enough to where I perfect it and make it in life using my talents. But the most important thing he has taught me is to always put God above all things because He will help you through it all.

Maybe I’m a little homesick right now or maybe it’s the fact that I’ve been watching a bunch of people living a not so great life that’s made me so thankful to be where I’m at – all thanks to one man that sacrificed and had the drive to better himself…

I want MY dad to be able to say that all his sacrifices were worth it because they got ME somewhere in life. THAT is enough for me to have that drive and ambition that he once had at 20 years old.


Year in Review: 2013

As 2013 comes to an end, it’s time to reflect on the past and prepare for the future.

2013 ended up being an unpredictable year but nonetheless it was very exciting and kept me on my toes. I set goals for myself this year, and while some didn’t end up working out the way I wanted them to, others ended up happening without me even trying.

I have learned that there are things we try to control but have no control over, that some of the plans we make are not the plans God has in store for us and that in order to be successful one must learn not to give up.

With that being said, I am starting 2014 by challenging myself.

I will put more of my trust and faith in God.

I am setting new goals for myself – personally and career-wise.

I will get over my fear of flying because I know and believe that I will be shooting a wedding in foreign land, this year.

And I am also expanding my creativity into new and upcoming projects! It will not be an easy task but I know that 2014 holds lots of new and exciting things in my life.