Behind the Lens

I’m a Miami-based Wedding Photographer, born in Honduras and raised by Nicaraguan parents. I’m a very tiny girl, with a stubborn mind, huge heart, and very bubbly personality.

I’m 26 years young. On a great day you’ll notice it, on a normal day you’ll think I’m a teenager. Most of my clients think it’s awesome that I look so young, I’m sure it’ll be great when I’m 40. I’m a country girl at heart with a vintage soul and a modern eye. I’m a hopeless romantic and a huge chick flick fan. Baseball players have always been my weakness, my boyfriend has been my favorite for the past 5 years. My family means the world to me but God is my number one priority.

I love being a part of the Wedding Photography industry, because I am a hopeless romantic. I am emotional. I love couples, and I love love.

At the end of the day I want people to see my wedding photography and cry the way I cry behind my camera while I’m shooting a father/daughter dance. I want them to smile the way I smile as my groom’s face lights up when he sees his bride for the very first time. I want people to feel so much emotion through my photographs that they’ll feel like they know the bride and groom personally and experienced the wedding themselves as a guest.

But most, of all I want my bride and groom to look at their photographs and remember their day for what it truly means: a bond, a connection, and a commitment that they are making to each other on such a special day in front of the people that mean the most to them.



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