My new best friend: Macro 105mm

I am obsessed with my new best friend… the macro 105mm nikon lens.

When I first started this photography adventure, I didn’t think it’d get me to where I’m at today. Sure, I have days where I get so frustrated I just want to close up shop and give up and then I have better days.

The perk of doing what you love, is that well…. you’re doing what you love, the downside of it is that there’s so many other things that are not very pleasing when you’re in the creative industry. But knowing that I can freeze a moment in time and capture tears, laughter, hugs, and smiles for somebody makes the ride all worth it.

Back in 2010 the first DSLR I purchased was the d3100 and boy what I did with that camera sure blows my mind sometimes when I look back at my photographs. It definitely shows me that it’s not the camera that really matters, it’s the eye and the mind behind it. With that being said it was time to upgrade all my gear… last year I got the d600 full frame camera and it was my best friend at the time. The things I’m capable of doing with that thing are amazing, but it was missing a couple of pieces to it. This year I decided that all the money I made would go straight into lenses/glass.

I started with the nikon 105mm macro and it’s such a huge difference from the sigma 50mm 2.8 macro lens I had. The fact that it’s so beautifully built and that the compression on it makes your bokeh look so good even at f/11 is worth the freaking price! I can’t even believe I had gone so long without it!

nikon d600 with 105mm macro lens miami wedding photographer andrea arostegui

It’s a very heavy lens which is why I use a grip on my camera now to make sure that by the end of a long wedding day my hand won’t fall off, but the pain will be worth it, because my detail shots will now be even more amazing.

The next lens on my list to get is the 70-200mm 2.8 vrii. I can’t wait to get my hands on that baby!

Here’s a couple of photos with the 105mm and the sigma 50mm so you can see and compare…

sigma 50mm 2.8

sigma 50mm 2.8 on nikon d600 ring shot

nikon 105mm macro lens miami wedding photographer andrea arostegui

nikon 105mm earring shot with nikon d600


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