If I could “re-edit” my photos, I definitely would – Throwback Thursday

The evolution of a photographer comes with lots of perks and lots of downsides. I mean that because obviously when you grow as a photographer you realize that your work gets better every time but you also realize that your work wasn’t that great years back, or months back.

Going through my portfolio now I realize that I should’ve learned posing and lighting before I even learned how to function my camera. But learning how to edit would’ve been a great advantage three years ago when I was starting out. Your editing changes the way your final product is viewed and can make a great impact on your photographs.

Looking back I now see the mistakes I made back then and how I’ve fixed them along the way. I’m not the greatest at editing, in fact, I try to edit to a minimum but I definitely learned not to use presets/filters and how to keep some of my images as close to how things are in real life.

But if I could re-edit my photographs I definitely would…

I’ll let the images do the talking…

before and after - editing

editing before and after


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